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A beautifully blended mix of Hibiscus and citrus to give a fruity and refreshing drink when diluted with water. A favourite with the children. Absolutely gorgeous for making a Cosmopolitan and other cocktail making too. Delicious as a mixer with spirits, superb in a gin and tonic. See our recipe page for delicious winter warmersi ncluding gin punch and mulled wine. 

Hibiscus & Citrus Cordial, 500ml X 1

  • This ruby cordial is a masterful blend of an exotic flower and citrus. The subtlety of the Hibiscus and warming spices compliment the citrus notes beautifully. In the Caribbean, sorrel is a festive drink but the fresh and fruity addition transforms this cordial to an exquisite mixer with spirits and a sensational syrup for cocktail making.

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